Hildegard's Farm is ...

A “spiritually green” Vacation Bible School promoting sacramental respect and stewardship for God’s Good Earth.



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Song Three Listen To Multiple Ploosity

Everywhere, living things are found, And there’s way too many to count. But God knows they’re there - The Creator who cares – And that makes them all my neighbors! Song Four Listen To The Neighbor Song
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Song One Listen To Millions and Millions
Song Two Listen To The Worshipping Song
The Hildegard's Farm Program includes three learning stations, an opening/closing skit, and guidelines for the Eagle's Eyrie Restaurant snack time. Churches and groups are encouraged to use this material as a VBS program, in support of a VBS program, or as adapted for local use. For example, the Hildegard’s Farm DVD and the craft can be used as a 5-week Sunday School program. The skit and the songs can also be used separately. This is the 1st Edition of Hildegard’s Farm. Feedback is encouraged and will help with further development.
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Hildegard's Farm
A DVD-supported learning station hosted by Hildegard, whose farm is holy ground to her and who practices sustainable farming with Biblical stewardship.
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Church by the Park
A scrapbook craft time that offers a fun way to reinforce and take home the Bible, farm, and ecology lessons of each day.
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Church of the Singing Trees
Eight outdoor ecology lessons that encourage curiosity about nature with Biblical support and prayer. SAMPLE LESSON PLAN
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Opening and Closing Skit
Let’s Fly with the Eagles! for each of five days, which includes original songs on a CD and as a power point presentation for use during the skits. SAMPLE OPENING SKIT and SAMPLE CLOSING SKIT
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Guidelines and Healthy Recipes
Great snacks from The Eagle’s Eyrie Restaurant, including suggestions for minimizing waste and proper reuse of resources.
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